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Bloom Boost

You may all remember sitting in science class as a kid and asking yourself when you would ever need to know the parts of a flower. Some students, like those at UPL, went on to careers that actually use it. We throw around fancy words like anther, sepal and...

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Continuing Education: Advanced Segmental Paving & Walls

When you ask our team what we value equal to hard work and quality, the answer will be continuing education. Inside the landscape industry, the technology, installation techniques, equipment and designs are ever-changing. In order for our employees to stay current with the latest developments required for their...

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The Landscape Design Process

Our designers often say that a client’s home tells the story of who they are and their landscape should be a continuation of that story. When you walk into a person’s home, the display on the walls and the artifacts scattered throughout the rooms, tell stories. You know how...

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