Throughout the year, your landscape plants in Nebraska need to be trimmed and pruned to maintain their health and appearance. Aside from regular trimming and pruning, they also need plant cutbacks every year! Plant cutbacks are a form of pruning that is more extensive and involves taking the entire plant and its foliage down to just a few inches from the ground. Doing this will promote new growth and improve the overall health and vigor of your plants. It should be done in November to prepare your plants for the winter. When cutting back your plants, it's best to hire professionals who know proper pruning techniques and use the right equipment to ensure the job gets done right without causing any damage to your plants.

What are plant cutbacks, and how do they benefit your plants?

Plant cutbacks are a form of plant pruning that is more extensive. It involves taking the entire plant and its foliage down to just a few inches from the ground. As with the general point of pruning, plant cutbacks are done to promote new, healthy growth and remove any dead, damaged, diseased, or insect-infested parts. Taming down your plants will make them healthier and enhance the overall curb appeal of your landscape. Removing problematic parts will also improve the overall structure of your plants, keeping them from becoming overgrown.

Naturally, most parts of your plants will wilt and die back every year during dormancy. Through plant cutbacks, you can remove these unsightly parts so any new foliage and flowers in the spring can grow fresh. There'll be no discolored and wilted leaves and branches that can drag down the appearance and health of your plants.

When should plant cutbacks be done?

Plant cutbacks are best done in late fall, around November, to prepare your plants for the winter. Proper preparation of your plants is essential to establish a good foundation for them when they go dormant. By taking the entire plant and its foliage down, you're eliminating problematic parts and keeping them from affecting the entire plant. Plant cutbacks will also allow your plant to redirect its energy to improve the remaining healthy parts. This means your plants will be in a better state entering the winter season, giving them the best chance of surviving dormancy and reemerging in the spring in prime shape.

Hire Professionals to Cut Back Your Plants to Ensure It's Done Right

Plant cutbacks are crucial for your plants' health. However, this is a delicate task, and if done incorrectly, can cause significant damage to your plants. That's why it's best to hire professionals to cut back your plants. Professionals know the best practices when it comes to plant cutbacks, so they can efficiently get rid of the parts that have to be removed without stressing out your plants. They also have the right equipment to perform the job and ensure your landscape beds are well-prepped for the winter season.

Landscape professionals know which plants should be cut back in the winter and which ones to leave alone.

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