The fall season is a great time to perform maintenance tasks in your landscape beds. Four maintenance tasks that will help keep them looking their best and enhance the curb appeal of your property are mulch installation, landscape bed edging, plant pruning, and leaf removal. Mulch helps regulate soil temperature, prevents weed growth, and protects your plants from harsh weather conditions here in Nebraska. Landscape bed edging will make your landscape beds look more defined. Plant pruning involves removing dead or diseased parts of your plants to ensure they don't spread to other parts of them. Leaf removal will ensure that leaves can't smother your grass and prevent them from receiving the nutrients and resources they need to make it through the upcoming winter.

1. Mulch Installation

Installing mulch in your landscape beds is a great way to improve their aesthetics. This ground cover also offers numerous health benefits for your plants. It helps retain soil moisture by reducing evaporation, regulates soil temperatures to protect the roots of your plants from extreme weather conditions, and suppresses weed growth by smothering them. Because mulch decomposes over time, it is important to replenish it annually in the fall so that it continues to provide its intended benefits.

Some popular mulch types that are used in landscape beds include shredded hardwood mulch, black mulch, espresso mulch, and cocoa mulch.

2. Landscape Bed Edging

Landscape bed edging provides clear boundaries between your landscape beds and your lawn. This maintenance task will not only improve the overall appearance of your landscape beds but also the appearance of your entire property. By having your landscape beds edged, you'll give them a clean, crisp appearance. What's more, this service also will help to prevent weeds and grass from spreading from your lawn into your landscape beds!

3. Plant Pruning

Plant pruning is an essential maintenance service that should be performed in the fall to improve the health and beauty of your plants. During the fall, this maintenance task should be performed to prepare your plants for winter dormancy. To achieve optimal results, you should hire professionals to prune your plants because they have the proper tools and knowledge to avoid causing any damage to them. They will know exactly where to cut on each type of plant to get rid of diseased or dying branches without damaging the healthy ones.

4. Leaf Removal

Leaf removal is one of the most important maintenance tasks that you should perform this fall. Leaves can pile up quickly, especially if you live in an area where trees start shedding leaves in the fall. Removing leaves from your landscape beds will keep them looking neat and tidy, plus it will help prevent leaves from smothering your plants. If you let leaves pile up in your landscape beds, they can block your plants from accessing the nutrients and resources they need to build up their strength in preparation for the winter season. If this happens, your plants could struggle to make it through the winter, and they could emerge in the spring in poor condition.

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