If you're adding a new patio to your property in Nebraska, there are lots of design decisions that you have to make. From the type and color of materials to the size and shape of your patio, you'll want to consider all options to ensure you achieve the patio you envisioned for your property. If you plan on using pavers for your new patio, one of the decisions you have to make is the paver pattern that you will use. There are several patterns that you can choose from, but herringbone, running bond, stack bond, and basketweave are top-tier choices that you'll want to consider!

Herringbone boasts a timeless appeal and creates a durable patio.

Herringbone is a popular paver pattern that has been used for centuries and has withstood the test of time. It can be achieved by alternating horizontal and vertical pavers and placing them at a 90-degree or a 45-degree angle, creating a zigzag pattern that adds a unique aesthetic to your patio.

Using the herringbone pattern will add style and elegance to your patio. Its timeless appeal will look good for years, but it offers more than beauty. This pattern has several interlocking joints, which will create a highly durable patio that can go with the movement of the ground during the freeze-thaw cycle. This means your patio will resist cracking and breaking through different seasons!

The herringbone pattern got its name because it resembles the bones of a herring fish.

The running bond pattern creates nice, clean lines for your patio.

If you want a simple, no-fuss design for your patio, go with the running bond pattern. This is achieved by laying the pavers side by side to create a straight line, then every other row is staggered by half the length of the first preceding paver. When you opt for this pattern, installation should be meticulous. You want your patio to have nice, clean lines to achieve an uncomplicated pattern that will look good for years to come. If you want to add some visual flair to your patio with this pattern, you can use various colors for a pop of vibrance!

Achieve a symmetrical look for your patio with the stack bond pattern.

The stack bond pattern is another paver pattern that should be on your list of choices. It is similar to the running bond pattern, but each row is not staggered. For this pattern, pavers are laid down side by side, and every row lines up with each other, creating a nice symmetrical look that is pleasing to the eyes. Whether you want to use square or rectangular pavers, you can do that with the stack bond pattern and still achieve an attractive patio. Like the running bond pattern, you can incorporate different color choices to make your new outdoor living feature more interesting.

Add visual interest to your patio by using the basketweave pattern.

Do you want to add visual interest to your patio and make it an outstanding focal point on your property? If so, go with the basketweave pattern. This pattern is created by placing horizontal and vertical pavers alternately, producing a pattern that mimics a woven basket. You can also play with the pattern a bit by placing the pavers at a 45-degree angle or by pairing a single vertical paver with two horizontal pavers. No matter how you do it, this pattern will enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your patio!

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