Fire pits and fire tables are both great additions to outdoor living spaces in Nebraska, but they each offer unique features and benefits that set them apart from one another. Fire pits are more traditional, providing warmth for those sitting around it. Fire tables are considered a higher-end option, with the flame being more of an aesthetic addition rather than something to keep you warm. Fire tables typically burn gas while fire pits can usually be fueled by either gas or wood. Another difference between these two fire features is their price, with fire pits generally costing less than fire tables.

Fire tables are a more high-end fire feature while fire pits are seen as more casual.

Fire pits and fire tables are similar in their ability to provide enjoyment through the sight, sound, and smell of a fire. However, there are some differences that make them stand out from one another. For instance, fire tables are considered more of a high-end fire feature. They are usually square or rectangular and have wide ledges that allow you to put things down on them like a table, hence their name. On the other hand, fire pits are considered more of a causal fire feature. While they can still be beautiful, they don't quite have the same luxurious feeling to them.

Fire tables are mainly for ambiance while fire pits are more for warmth.

Fire tables can make a huge aesthetic impact on your property, and that's their main purpose. These fire features exude a sense of elegance and are perfect for properties that want to add that kind of charm to their outdoor living space. However, they produce relatively small flames, so they aren't the best option if heat is your primary goal when investing in a fire feature. When it comes to fire pits, they produce much bigger flames and are great for keeping people warm. If you're looking for a fire feature that produces a lot of heat and can keep many people warm at the same time, a fire pit is the way to go.

Fire pits can burn wood or gas, while fire tables typically just burn gas.

While both fire tables and fire pits produce fire, they can do so by burning different fuel types. Fire tables typically burn gas, which is a convenient fuel option because they can be turned on and off with the press of a button. Fire pits can usually be either wood-burning or gas-burning, giving you more of a choice. Wood-burning fire pits offer a campfire feel, and the smell and sounds of burning wood. If you want your fire feature to burn gas, either option will work. However, if you're looking for a wood-burning feature, fire pits are the way to go.

Fire tables typically cost more than fire pits.

When comparing the cost of a fire pit versus a fire table, you will find that fire pits generally cost less. That's because fire tables are usually larger and can double as a piece of furniture. Also, because fire tables burn gas, the installation will take more time due to the complexity, resulting in a hire price. Fire pits are usually the more cost-effective option, especially if you go with a wood-burning one.

Some fire features can be equipped with pizza ovens!

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