If your landscape beds in Nebraska need a fresh layer of mulch, it may cross your mind to remove the old mulch first. However, this isn't necessary because mulch will decompose over time and you can just add a new layer on top of the old one! However, you don't want your mulch layer to exceed 3 inches in thickness. So, you can remove some of the old layer if necessary to keep the mulch at the right amount. While installing mulch may seem like a straightforward process, it's a task that's best left to professionals. That's because they will know how to do it right so that it will provide maximum benefits to your plants.

You don't need to remove the old mulch from your landscape beds when installing new mulch.

If you're getting ready to install mulch in your landscape beds, you are likely wondering if you need to first remove the old mulch. Well, the simple answer is no! It's not necessary to remove the old mulch from your landscape beds because it's made up of organic material, and it will decompose over time. Since it will break down on its own, it's fine to just add the new mulch on top of it. The new layer will refresh the beauty of your landscape beds and reinforce the benefits that it provides to your plants, such as moisture retention, weed suppression, soil temperature regulation, and more.

Mulch is full of nutrients, and as it decomposes, it will add those nutrients to the soil, which plants will then absorb to boost their health and beauty.

You can remove some old mulch from your landscape beds if necessary to keep it at the appropriate thickness.

Although it's not necessary to remove the old mulch, you do want to keep track of how much mulch is in your landscape beds. After all, you don't want to pile too much mulch in your landscape beds because it can smother your plants and prevent them from getting the sunlight that they need to thrive. For maximum benefits, the mulch layer in your landscape beds should be about 3 inches thick. If the new mulch you're planning to add to your landscape beds will make it exceed that amount, then it's okay to go ahead a remove some of the old mulch before adding the new layer.

Always Hire Professionals to Install Mulch in Your Landscape Beds

Because installing mulch in your landscape beds is a task that requires precision, it's best to leave it to the pros. They have the experience and knowledge to know exactly how much mulch needs to go into each bed, ensuring they apply the correct amount without going overboard or leaving the landscape beds bare. Professionals will also make sure the mulch isn't too close to the base of your plants, ensuring it won't smother them or block their roots from accessing the nutrients and resources they need to thrive.? This way, your plants can continue to grow strong and healthy!

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