As winter draws to a close in Nebraska, it's time to start preparing your landscape for spring. To give your landscape a fresh look, you'll need to do some spring maintenance tasks, such as removing any leaves, debris, or other materials that have accumulated in your beds over the winter. Additionally, you should redefine the edges of your softscapes to make them appear more polished. Trimming and pruning are also crucial for helping your plants start the new growing season on the right foot.

Applying pre-emergent weed control and fertilizer treatments will also keep your landscape beds weed-free and give your plants a much-needed boost. As a finishing touch, it is also recommended that you replenish the mulch in your landscaping beds to give them extra protection and refine their aesthetic.

Spring maintenance includes removing leaves and debris from your landscape beds.

The first step to getting your landscape in shape this spring should be cleaning up any leaves, twigs, branches, and other debris left over from the winter months. This build-up blocks sunlight, water, air, and nutrients from reaching your plants. It can even create an ideal environment for pests and diseases to thrive. By removing these materials from the landscape beds, you'll be giving them everything they need to start fresh in the growing season.

Redefining the edges of your landscape beds will enhance their shape for the growing season.

Landscape bed in residential backyard located in Omaha, NE.

Another way to spruce up your landscape beds in the spring is by redefining their edges. Doing this will enhance their shape, making them stand out against your lawn and give them a more defined appearance. That way, they look great as they transition into the growing season.

Trimming and pruning the plants in your landscape beds will get them ready for spring.

Spring is an important time for maintaining the health and beauty of your softscapes, and plant trimming and pruning are two crucial tasks that should not be overlooked. Trimming involves cutting back overgrowth to give them a well-shaped appearance. Pruning, on the other hand, involves removing diseased, damaged, dead, or insect-infested parts of the plant to make way for new, healthier growth. Both of these tasks are essential to ensuring that your plants stay healthy and beautiful throughout the year.

Pruning should only be done when your specific types of plants can tolerate it to avoid causing more harm than good.

Prepare your landscape for spring with pre-emergent weed control and fertilizer treatments.

Additional maintenance services should be performed in the spring to ensure your landscape beds stay free of weeds and provide all the necessary resources for your plants to thrive. Pre-emergent weed control creates a barrier in your landscape that prevents newly germinated weeds from breaking through the surface, making it a crucial preventative measure against weeds.

Fertilization is another critical service that supports healthy and robust plant growth. A high-quality fertilizer provides essential nutrients, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, that your plants need. These nutrients are vital to supporting root growth and overall health.

Replenishing Mulch in the Spring Will Benefit Plant Health & Refine Your Landscape's Appearance

Plants in a landscape in Omaha, NE, with brown mulch.

Adding or refreshing your mulch is a great way to put the finishing touches on your spring landscape maintenance. Mulch has a number of benefits, including regulating soil temperature, retaining moisture, suppressing weed growth, and improving soil quality. These health benefits aid in protecting your plants and helping them endure the summer months. Additionally, mulch comes in various colors that can enhance the look of your landscape beds and make your plants stand out.

Some common types of mulch include shredded hardwood, cocoa, and black mulch!

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