Our designers often say that a client’s home tells the story of who they are and their landscape should be a continuation of that story. When you walk into a person’s home, the display on the walls and the artifacts scattered throughout the rooms, tell stories. You know how many kids they have, what their hobbies are, and where they have traveled. You see pictures that unfold their life’s story as you walk around the living room. A homeowner’s landscape should mirror that story.

There are a multitude of outdoor spaces available to a homeowner, thus increasing the importance of working with a landscape designer you feel really grasps the landscape concepts you envision. A homeowner who desires an outdoor space with the purpose of relaxation, may want a backyard space with an extensive tree privacy border, a large hammock, and the relaxing sounds of a soothing water feature. A homeowner whose sole purpose is to entertain would not be found without an outdoor kitchen and tv. Their landscape tells the story of their lifestyle.

It’s important to note that a designer can only work with the information he or she is given by a homeowner. If you don’t answer the initial questions during a design consultation accurately, you’re not giving the designer a fair chance to replicate your vision. Before meeting with your landscape designer, take some time to answer the following questions.

Questions Your Designer Will Ask:

What do you see yourself doing in your outdoor space? What is your vision or purpose for your backyard?

*Don’t pay to install an outdoor tv if you’re never planning to watch tv outdoor or host football gatherings around your outdoor kitchen. Take some time to really think about what you would or would not do in your backyard.

What do you like about your existing landscape? What do you dislike?

*If you have an existing landscape that has some characteristics that you love, make a list for your designer to incorporate into your new renovation. On the other hand, if there are features that don’t flow with your use of space or aren’t visually appealing to you, make a note to ensure your designer doesn’t redesign these features into your next outdoor space.

What is your budget?

*Now really think about this. Every client has an absolute max they are willing to spend on a landscape installation. Even if you have never hired professional landscape installation and have no clue what your budget is, set some boundaries. Our designers will tell you how much you can install within your budgetary range.

How much maintenance are you willing to put forth afterwards?

*There is no such thing as a maintenance-free landscape, however there are different levels of maintenance. For example, we don’t recommend installing a water feature that distributes 10,000 gallons of water an hour if you don’t want to replace the $1,000 pump every year if you’re not willing to keep up on the maintenance!

What colors/textures/patterns/designs do you like/dislike?

*Feel free to bring pictures, samples, or even pins you pinned on Pinterest for design inspiration to your initial consultation. This meeting is about your needs and our designers appreciate all feedback to help recreate your outdoor vision!

Overview of the design process: what should you expect when working with Urban Prairie?

Once you can answer the questions above, it’s time to set up a design consultation. If you’ve never worked with a professional landscape designer before, here’s an overview of what you can expect.

Step 1: Our design process begins with client contact, through which you are paired with a landscape designer who matches your style and specializes in your project type.

Step 2: Through the initial consultation, our designers grasp an understanding of your vision, desired use of space and function, and define your landscape style. It’s our job to see the details where others can’t.

Step 3: Next our designers develop the character and visual elements of your future outdoor space. You will receive a detailed design with photos for all suggested plant materials and hardscape materials involved in your project. Our landscape plans illuminate the features your space will take on so you are able to visualize the details prior to installation. Each landscape design communicates something different so it’s important to ensure the design speaks to you.

Step 4: As a new client or member of the Urban Prairie Landesign family, our crews will treat you as such-by ensuring the tidiness of your property daily and greeting you by name. Your personal project manager will oversee the details of your job and provide frequent updates and timely communication during all phases of your project.