At the close of nearly all large projects, there is inevitably some repair work to lawn areas that generally needs to be completed. The two options to consider for repair are sod and seed, each option has its own benefits and drawbacks to examine. New sod has an instant impact on your lawn and is less prone to weeds. Grass seed is less expensive and helps develop deep, healthy roots. Although both sod and seed have their advantages and disadvantages, whichever one you decide to use for your property in Nebraska depends on your personal preference!

Benefits of Choosing Sod For Your Property

Sod being installed for a lawn in Omaha, NE.

Sod is cut and sold in rolls and after fine grading has been completed, it simply needs to be rolled onto the surface of the installation area. One of the biggest benefits of sod is its instant impact of laying an entire lawn in a day or a few hours' time. Sod has a root system within the roll but needs to develop and adhere to the ground below before it can be used fully. Sod needs to be watered by an irrigation system or by hand to become established. The watering requirements will be different based on the site conditions, time of year, and weather following the installation. Sod is less prone to weeds as it is a dense mat of grass as compared to seed, and if sourced from a reputable vendor, should not have any weeds.

If you don't expect there to be too much traffic on your lawn, sod can be a great option.

Disadvantages of Having Sod Installed

Some of the shortcomings of sod include a higher initial cost as compared to seed for both the sod material and the installation labor. Varieties of sod may be more limited as compared to seed depending on the market. Lastly, sod has a short transplanting window and needs to be installed as soon as possible after it is cut and cared for immediately after installation, especially on hot and dry days.

Advantages of Choosing Grass Seed

Seeds spread over lawn in Omaha, NE.

Seed can be a satisfactory choice for homeowners on a tighter budget because of its lower initial cost as the material and labor are both less than that of a sod installation. There are also generally more options to choose from for the variety of grass when using seed, which may allow for a more desired variety depending on the homeowner's needs. Because seed is established in the location where it first germinates, there is no healing period like that of sod, allowing for deep, healthy, and undisturbed roots.

Disadvantages of Grass Seed

A disadvantage of a grass seed installation would be the defined window for plantings seeds, as they will not germinate or establish properly at certain times of the year. Seed also requires more care and time to establish properly. Weed competition for a grass seed installation can be another challenge for homeowners after the initial installation. Seed installations can also be more prone to erosion as compared to sod where the surface of the soil is completely covered instantly.

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Each option for repairing your lawn will lead to the same result if cared for properly, but examining the advantages and disadvantages of each installation is crucial to a new lawn’s success. At UPL Inc, we can install new sod or lay down new grass seed for bigger landscape projects! Our service is offered to commercial, residential, and HOA properties in Omaha, Elkhorn, Gretna, NE, and surrounding areas. For any larger projects you have that need new sod or grass seed, give us a call at (402) 590-2040.