A ground covering is just what you need to protect your plants and enhance the curb appeal of your landscape beds, and river rock is a great choice. River rocks help slow soil erosion by keeping everything in place. They're also low-maintenance and won't need to be replenished annually to stay pristine. Not only that, but river rocks are highly customizable, and you can choose between different sizes and colors so they fit in with your aesthetic preferences. Keep reading to learn more about why river rocks are a great option for your landscape bed ground cover here in Nebraska.

River rocks help slow soil erosion, making them a great ground cover for your landscape beds.

Soil naturally erodes over time, but river rock is a great way to slow it down. This ground cover will keep the soil in place and stop it from moving, protecting it from the elements, such as heavy rainfall. This is especially beneficial if your landscape beds are on a slope, as erosion happens at a faster rate when there's an incline.

Another reason why river rock is a great ground cover is that they hold the soil better than mulch. River rock is heavier and more durable, staying in place even during inclement weather. Meanwhile, mulch moves around more and can run off, especially on slopes.

River rocks are a low-maintenance ground cover option for your landscape beds.

Another reason river rock is a great ground cover option for your landscape beds is that it requires very little to no maintenance to stay looking its best. River rocks don't need to be replaced annually, as their color and quality won't fade or deteriorate, which isn't the same for mulch. After all, mulch is an organic material that decomposes over time and needs to be replenished at least once a year to yield all its intended benefits. With river rock ground coverings, you won’t have to worry about that.

River rocks come in various sizes and colors to enhance the aesthetics of your landscape beds!

While a river rock ground cover is highly functional, it's just as stylish! After all, they come in a variety of sizes and colors, and you can choose what would complement your preferences and the overall aesthetic of your landscape beds. Their ability to be customized gives them the flexibility to fit in with any style you want. For example, Smokey Mountain river rocks come in various earthy tones, such as brown, tan, and gray, which can accommodate more rustic aesthetics. If you're not sure what type to go with, professionals can help guide you through the process and give you suggestions for colors and sizes based on the style you want for your landscape.

Standard river rocks used in landscape beds are around 3/4-1.5 inches, while dry creek beds usually utilize those that are 2-4 inches.

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