We recently installed a breathtaking retaining wall at a home located in the Indian Hills Village neighborhood of Omaha, NE. This project began with an initial meeting during which we evaluated our client's property and discussed their vision. After the initial meeting, we worked with our client to design the retaining wall and select a building material. Our client decided they wanted their retaining wall to be made with Lineo Dimensional Stone.

Once the design plans were approved, we followed a meticulous construction process to build the retaining wall. Our team even added depth and texture to the wall by placing the stone blocks at different depths. This retaining wall installation is sure to impress and provide curb appeal that cannot be denied!

The Initial Retaining Wall Meeting

During the initial meeting with the client, we walked the property to assess the site conditions and discuss the parameters of their renovation project. Their home is located in the Indian Hills Village neighborhood in Omaha, Nebraska. We discussed installing a new retaining wall for their existing home along their driveway and walkway.

When meeting with clients for the first time on a retaining wall project, we aim to gather as much information as possible using site visits, measurements of existing walls, and site pictures. Collecting information allows us to prepare a hardscape plan that meets the client's needs and showcases the project elements. It also enables us to provide an accurate estimate for the client to review.

The Retaining Wall Design Process

Concrete pavers for retaining wall in Omaha, NE.

Once the hardscape plan was completed, we met with the client’s family again to discuss the layout of their project and go over any necessary changes or tweaks to the project based on the client’s preferences. After the layout was set in stone, we began the process of honing in on the materials to be used. Generally, we have recommendations listed on the plan to show clients in our showroom. This way, families can see the products in person so they can effectively choose the products they prefer. For this project, we used Lineo Dimensional Stone to build the retaining wall. Once all of the design details were nailed down, the construction process began.

The Retaining Wall Construction Process

Concrete pavers for retaining wall in Omaha, NE.

The first step of this project was to remove the existing limestone retaining walls and dispose of this material off-site. We then excavated a trench and back from the existing walls to allow adequate space for the retaining wall base and drainage aggregates. Clean limestone was installed in the trench and compacted in place. The base course of the wall was set, and each block was leveled.

The next step of the construction process involved installing a perforated drain tile behind the wall to catch water from the aggregate column and direct it out and away from the retaining wall. The additional courses of wall block were then stacked and glued in place. An interesting caveat of this project was that the customer wanted some additional depth and textures in their retaining wall. To accomplish this, we set blocks at different depths and even created a split face for some of the wall blocks to give more texture.

The last step of this project was to grade around the new retaining wall and touch up the disturbed landscape beds.

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