Our team at UPL Inc recently finished a stunning pool project at a home in the West Baywood neighborhood of Omaha, NE. We installed a pool deck, water features, privacy fence, flagstone walkway, and landscaping to transform our client's property. The project began with an initial consultation during which we learned about our client's goals and assessed their property. Then, we designed the project and worked with our client to select the best materials. Once they approved the design, we executed the construction phase meticulously and efficiently. Continue reading to learn more about this outstanding backyard landscaping project!

Initial Meeting for Backyard Landscaping Project

Material for a walkway installation in Omaha, NE.

During the initial meeting with the homeowner, we walked the property to assess the site conditions and discuss the parameters of their backyard landscaping project. We discussed where the pool would be located as well as the features that would surround the pool.

These included stamped concrete pool decking, limestone pedestals for magic bowls, a rico rock waterfall into the pool, privacy fence around the pool equipment, flagstone walkway, and landscaping. While meeting with customers for the first time, we strive to gather as much information as possible in order to prepare a plan that showcases the project and meets the client's needs. Collecting information also helps us provide an accurate estimate for the client to review.

Design Process for Backyard Landscaping Project

Double waterfall built for pool in Omaha, NE.

Once the plan for the backyard landscaping project was completed, we met with the client again to discuss the layout of their project and go over any necessary changes or tweaks to the project based on the client’s preferences. After the layout was set in stone, we began the process of honing in on the materials to be used. Generally, we have recommendations listed on the plan to show clients in our showroom. This way, families can see the products in person so they can effectively choose the products they prefer. Once the design process was completed, the construction process began. For this project, we used the following products:

  • Stamped Concrete
  • Limestone Pedestals
  • Rico Rock 4-foot Double Waterfall
  • Horizontal Wood Slat Fencing

We have experienced managers on-site at all of our projects to ensure every aspect is completed to our standards.

Construction Process for Backyard Landscaping Project

Rock waterfall installed in landscape in Omaha, NE.

We started the construction process for this landscaping project by removing the sod in the backyard and containerizing some plantings for relocating at the end of the project. We also palletized some existing flagstone to be reused at the end of the project. After these tasks were completed, the pool was installed, and the stamped concrete patio was poured. We then installed the pedestals for the magic bowls using natural limestone. The rico rock waterfall was installed after this and secured to the concrete. The plumbing lines were hooked up to the waterfall, and the water flow was tested.

A flagstone path was installed from the driveway to the pool deck for guest access to the pool. To hide the pool equipment, a horizontal wood slat fence was installed. Lastly, the areas surrounding the pool deck were graded, and landscape plantings were installed. Smoky Mountain rock was installed in the beds with landscape fabric. Now, these homeowners have a backyard pool area that will be a great place to entertain!

Project Photo Gallery

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