Investing in a design rendering for your landscape project is a great idea. After all, it will allow you to see what the final product will look like before any work begins so that you can feel confident knowing it'll turn out just as you envisioned. However, there are two types of renderings: 2D and 3D. 2D renderings provide a flat, general layout of your project that you can view from a top-down angle, while 3D designs are more realistic and allow you to view everything from any angle. Which rendering you should invest in depends on the size of your landscape project. For example, you can get away with a 2D design if it's smaller and doesn't have many elements. Meanwhile, you may need a 3D rendering if it's larger and more complex with numerous additions for a comprehensive transformation of your outdoor space in Nebraska.

What are 2D design renderings?

A 2D design rendering is a flat, 2-dimensional representation of what your completed landscape project will look like from a top-down angle. It provides a general layout of where all the elements and features will go and fit with your existing outdoor space. While it's not as detailed, it'll still give you a clear idea of how your project will turn out. The designers can also utilize techniques to make it more realistic, such as shading, texturing, and shadowing.

What are 3D design renderings?

A 3D design rendering provides a more realistic, in-depth depiction of your finished landscape project. This rendering allows you to view it from any angle to give you a comprehensive idea of how all the various elements and features fit within your outside area. Not only that, it also utilizes near-accurate measurements to showcase sizes similar to the real thing, making it feel like you're standing there looking at it in real life. 3D renderings are highly detailed and make it easy to visualize how your project will look once it's complete.

3D design renderings allow you to see your completed landscape project at different times of the day!

Should you invest in a 2D or 3D design rendering for your landscape project?

When deciding whether to invest in a 2D or 3D design rendering, you need to consider the size of your landscape project. 2D renderings are usually better for smaller, simpler projects with fewer elements and features, such as a single patio installation or landscape bed renovation.

On the other hand, 3D design renderings are typically ideal for larger, more complex projects with numerous elements and features, including a comprehensive outdoor living space transformation with multiple hardscape installations. Both designs are a great tool for ensuring the final product aligns with your vision, so it'll come down to which will best help you visualize it and your project's size.

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