Our team at UPL Inc recently completed a stunning landscaping renovation project at a home in the Elk Ridge neighborhood of Elkhorn, NE. We installed a patio extension, walkway, outdoor kitchen, landscape lighting, new landscape beds, and new plantings. We also were able to transplant some of their existing plant materials. This project began with an initial consultation when we met with our client and discussed the scope of the renovation.

Following the consultation, we worked with our client to solidify the project design and select building materials. Once we received the green light to proceed from our client, we started the construction process. We worked diligently and methodically to complete construction and produce the best results for our client. Now, they have an incredible outdoor living space and landscape to enjoy.

The Landscape Renovation Initial Meeting

Fire pit over patio installed for project in Ashland, NE.

During the initial meeting with the client, we walked the property to assess the site conditions and discuss the parameters of their renovation project. We discussed installing a new landscape for their existing home to include a patio extension, walkway, outdoor kitchen, landscape lighting, new landscape beds, and new plantings. We also discussed transplanting existing plant materials.

When meeting with clients for the first time on a landscape renovation, we aim to gather as much information as possible using site visits, measurements, and an inventory of the existing landscape. This allows us to prepare a landscape and hardscape plan that showcases the project elements and meets the client's needs. It also enables us to provide an accurate estimate for the client to review.

The Landscaping Renovation Design Process

Fire pit installed over patio in Ashland, NE.

Once the landscaping renovation plan was completed, we met with the client’s family again to discuss the layout of their project and go over any necessary changes or tweaks to the project based on the client’s preferences. After the layout was set in stone, we began the process of honing in on the materials to be used. Generally, we have recommendations listed on the plan to show clients in our showroom. This way, families can see the products in person so they can effectively choose the products they prefer. Once the design process was completed, the construction process began. For this project, we used the following products.

  • Outdoor Kitchen: Unilock U-Cara
  • Outdoor Kitchen Countertops: Granite
  • Lighting: FX Luminaire Color Changing System

Our team at UPL Inc has been renovating landscapes in Elkhorn, NE, and nearby areas since 2011!

The Landscape Construction Process

Flowers planted in new landscape bed in Ashland, NE.

The first step of the construction process was to remove sod for the new landscape bed layout and dispose of this material off-site. We then dug up and containerized plantings to be transplanted within the new landscape bed layout. The outdoor kitchen was installed using U-Cara, and this had a built-in grill and storage within the structure as well as electrical outlets. The patio and walkway area was excavated, and we allowed time for the concrete patio to be poured. After the concrete was installed, we transplanted the new plantings and installed additional plantings that were brought in for the renovation.

Vinyl edging was installed along the new bed edges, and a thick layer of mulch was put in all of the landscape beds and raked out smoothly for a refined look. An FX color-changing lighting system was installed to accent the new and old plantings. With the ability to change each fixture's color, the client is now able to celebrate different holidays using this system. Because the existing landscape was supplemented with new plantings, the landscape retained maturity while adding new elements of color, texture, and form to satisfy the client’s needs.

Project Gallery

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