We recently completed a gorgeous landscaping project for one of our clients in Omaha, NE. This client needed to beautify their existing retaining wall to make it appear less commercial and comply with their HOA's standards. Our team at UPL Inc devised the perfect solution. We installed a stunning Rosetta Stone outcropping wall in front of the retaining wall to soften the retaining wall's harsh appearance. We also installed a bevy of stunning plants in the surrounding landscape beds, including weeping Norway spruce, Colorado blue spruce, gold mop cypress, and more. But we didn't stop there. We further boosted this property's landscaping by adding accent rocks, concrete landscape curbing, mulch, and other features throughout the property.

Landscaping Project Introduction

Landscape on sloped property installed in Elkhorn, NE.

Our team at UPL Inc was invited by the homebuilder to work on this landscaping project in the South Ridge neighborhood in Omaha, NE. The builder had a modular block retaining wall, which was installed by another company, to hold up the grade from the driveway to the garage doors. However, the homebuilder was challenged by the homeowner’s association for not adhering to the covenants for that neighborhood regarding retaining walls. The HOA wanted a less commercial look for the large wall. Our team was tasked with finding a solution to alter the commercial appearance of the modular block retaining wall by giving it more pleasing aesthetics for the neighborhood.

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We Installed A Stone Outcropping Wall & Beautiful Plants to Accent the Retaining Wall

Retaining wall installed by sidewalk near property in Elkhorn, NE.

To make the appearance of this property more residential, we installed a Rosetta Stone outcropping wall in front of the modular block retaining wall. This outcropping wall consisted of beautiful piles of stone that were manufactured by Rochester Concrete Products. The outcropping wall added accents of stone to the retaining wall’s overall harsh appearance.

A Pacific Northwest landscaping theme was incorporated to tie the home’s architectural style into the stone and retaining wall. We installed evergreen trees such as weeping Norway spruce, blue totem spruce, columnar white pine, Colorado blue spruce, Taylor juniper, and Shawnee Brave bald cypress, along with globe blue Spruce, gold mop cypress, and Hicks yew. These plants provided accents of both color and texture to the wall and ultimately the new home.

We sprinkled ornamental grasses into the landscape beds surrounding the home to provide additional texture.

We installed accent rocks, concrete landscape curbing, mulch, and more to further boost the landscaping.

Stone croppings added to landscape bed project in Elkhorn, NE.

Accent rocks, also manufactured by Rochester, were used to further boost the landscaping and tie into the theme created by the outcropping wall. A poured concrete landscaping curb was eventually added to define the landscaping beds. Cocoa brown wood mulch was used to cover the landscaping beds and to retain moisture for the new plantings.

Stone steps were added to the outside of the retaining wall by the garage to provide access to both the side and backyard of the home without having to walk all the way around the retaining wall. A children’s play area was added to the design as well. It included a vine teepee, sandbox, and raised vegetable garden beds. Butterfly-attracting plants were also incorporated into this area.

Project Photo Gallery

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