Omaha’s rich landscapes are about to undergo everyone’s least favorite time of Fall when trees and shrubs drop their foilage to transition into the changing seasons. A fall cleanup is essential for your landscape in order to prepare for the winter months ahead and to protect the curb appeal you have worked so hard to create all summer long. Your landscape is not a one-time investment, but needs to be maintained throughout all four seasons to properly thrive.

The most important task on your fall to-do list this season is to top dress your mulch around shrubs and trees, if this was not completed early spring. It’s also a good idea to topdress mulch if it degraded or broke down during the summer months or from excessive rain. The reason being is that mulch functions to insulate the ground and act as a temperature control of soil. Over the winter months, mulch will work to protect the roots and crown of plant materials from frost. Mulch will also act as a moisture barrier for your landscape if you experience a dry, snow-less winter.

Spring is the recommended time to prune as it encourages growth. During the fall season, plants need to remain dormant and focus on root growth and development instead of blooming. That being said, it is recommended to cut back perennials and ornamental grasses, remove annuals, and deadhead spent blooms.

Fall Cleanup Steps

  • Cut back perennials and ornamental grasses to ground level
  • Dispose of dead annuals
  • Cut back roses to half mature height if required
  • Remove/dispose of leaves and weeds from all planting beds and tree rings
  • Limb up any trees if necessary
  • Blowout all landscape beds and hard surfaces
  • Topdress 1-2 inches of fresh mulch around all shrubs and trees

This list may seem overwhelming and for those of you who value your precious time on the weekends and would rather be enjoying your landscape than cleaning it, leave it to our team of professionals and request a free fall cleanup quote.