When our clients in Bennington, NE reached out to us, they were looking for a way to transform their outdoor living space into a beautiful place where they could spend time with their friends and family. When we arrived at their property for the initial consultation, we sat down with them to listen to their goals. After collaborating with them, we came up with a plan to renovate their backyard area to enhance its aesthetics and add functional elements to it.

First, we installed a patio under the covered portion of their backyard using pavers and then used different pavers to extend the patio to the uncovered portion of their backyard. Then, we installed steps that lead up to the back door. We also installed an outdoor kitchen in the covered portion of their patio. Finally, we installed some floating shelves on the wall, and then created a landscape bed in their backyard and filled it with plants and mulch.

The first step of this project was to install their patio and outdoor steps.

Outdoor steps built for custom patio project in Bennington, NE.

This patio was a unique undertaking because our clients wanted the patio under the covered portion of their backyard to be different than the portion that was uncovered. To make this happen, we installed a porcelain paver patio under the covered portion of their backyard, which was a plain patio that allowed the other features in that area to pop. For the outer portion of their patio, we used colorful pavers that were installed in a beautiful pattern that really made this part of the patio stand out! We finished up the outer portion of the patio by surrounding it with the same pavers we used for the inner portion of the patio, creating a cohesive look that really tied everything together.

After the patio was installed, we built the outdoor steps that lead up to the back door. These steps turned out amazing and our clients love the way that these steps are both beautiful and functional.

Next, we installed an outdoor kitchen.

Fire place installed with outdoor kitchen in Bennington, NE.

Once their patio was complete, it was time to add some features to it that would make spending time in their backyard more enjoyable. Our clients really wanted an outdoor kitchen that included a grill and some counter space. To keep the outdoor kitchen protected from the elements and to make sure that our clients could cook food outdoors, rain or shine, we installed the outdoor kitchen in the covered portion of the patio. We matched the materials for the outdoor kitchen to the materials that were used for the outdoor fireplace to create a cohesive look. In the end, their kitchen was equipped with a grill, countertops, and a vent, so they had everything they needed to prepare meals right on their patio!

As a final touch to their patio area, we installed some floating shelves on the wall next to their outdoor fireplace to give the wall some added decoration and to provide our clients with a spot to place items.

Popular amenities that can be added to outdoor kitchens include pizza ovens, fridges, and wine coolers.

We finished this project by installing a landscape bed in their backyard.

Landscape bed added to backyard in Bennington, NE.

Finally, for the last step of this project, we installed a landscape bed in their backyard that ran along the back of their home. We filled this landscape bed with beautiful plants to give it an aesthetically pleasing look and then added mulch to the beds to make the plants stand out and provide them with protection from the elements.

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