When you ask our team what we value equal to hard work and quality, the answer will be continuing education. Inside the landscape industry, the technology, installation techniques, equipment and designs are ever-changing. In order for our employees to stay current with the latest developments required for their fields, we empower them with continuing education classes, especially within the field of hardscape. Not only do we value the knowledge gained from these courses, but our first priority is to ensure that we do things the right way. Is there a more cost efficient strategy? We want to know about it. Will this new product save our employees from future health risks? We’re all ears. Many people claim to do what we do, but not everyone installs the same product the same way, or in reality, the right way. There are many areas and opportunities to take shortcuts along the road of landscape installation, but if we don’t stand by our work- who will? It’s about doing things the right way, every time.

This past February, we sent our Project Manager John and Hardscape Foreman Martin to Wisconsin, home of Pave Tech, Inc., a school for advanced segmental paving and wall construction. Both team members spent five intense days of hands-on training inside a 5,000 square foot indoor training facility equipped with the latest tools and equipment. This training program encompasses a curriculum that is taught with industry “best practices” and was developed through a group of industry leaders that represent all regions of the country. The courses focus on increasing efficiencies, productivity, technology, leadership, field management, and industry best practices.

As hardscape contractors, our goal is to ensure we build the highest quality patios and retaining walls that last our clients a lifetime. Our employees and owners have been working in the landscape industry with over 30 years of combined experience, but there is always more to learn, which is why practice makes perfect. Throughout the Pave Tech training course, our project manager and foreman focused on elevations, excavations, sub-grade compaction, leveling pad construction, base course installation, marking and cutting, compaction, drainage, geo-grid installations, capping and more. Mastering these elements are just a few pieces to installing a legendary product.

Oftentimes a common mistake we see people make when deciding between multiple contractors to install a specific landscape project is choosing the cheapest bid. There is a reason higher priced contractors charge a higher price. They have paid for the education and experience that come with the higher pricing. Nine out of ten times the higher priced bid will install quality work with better warranties to stand behind their service. As in every industry, there is a certain amount of training and education required to do the job right and so it always pays to hire a professional with the background to install a patio or wall that will last. Next time you go to hire a professional contractor, we urge you to check their online reviews or ask for references that can attest to their quality of work. You get what you pay for, make sure its a contractor who is qualified and certified!