As landscape professionals we aim to inspire you to live, play and work outdoors. In order to do that, it’s our job as landscape pros to educate our clients on how to ensure their landscape is healthy and thriving. There is a lot of knowledge that goes into caring for and maintaining each part of your landscape. The variety of ways you care for your annuals, shrubs, trees, turf grass, patio, and outdoor lighting will all vary with specific needs.

The easiest way to explain it would be to compare your plant materials to your children. Each one requires attention in different ways, just as each landscape is unique in different ways. Even if you install the exact same species of a specific flower as planted in your neighbor’s landscape beds, they may perform differently. They may look different due to the microclimate in your landscape. It’s important to realize that your lawn’s soil will have variances in pH levels, watering, sunlight or nutrients that are specific to your landscape.

The team at UPL serves as your go-to source for all things landscape-related. Each month we will be posting a blog to educate our clients on how to care for their piece of the outdoors. We have had clients get discouraged in the past from dead plants that thrive in their neighbor’s landscapes. Don’t fret! Call our certified horticulturist to learn about the correct soil PH levels, watering, sun light, or nutrients your plants need and receive a specified care list custom to your plant materials.

Also, if you have just moved into a new home with an existing landscape, give our professionals a call! Our designers will meet with you to identify what’s in your landscape and how to care for it. Acquiring a new landscape should be fun as you begin to develop it and add touches that make it your own.

Our team of designers and horticulturists are here to provide comprehensive advice from from over 30 years of experience. We appreciate calls from clients who care about the health of their landscapes. When you are ready to fall in love with your landscape, give us a call to get started on creating or maintaining your outdoor space. Our team of professionals is available at (402) 590-2040 to answer all of your questions! Or sign up for our monthly landscape maintenance services and let our crew worry about the watering and pruning needs of your landscape! Ask about a free quote today!