Our team at UPL Inc completed a breathtaking backyard landscaping project for our client in the Elk Ridge neighborhood in Omaha, NE. This transformational project included a pool, retaining wall, fireplace, raised planter bed with water feature, concrete pool decking, landscaping, and an artificial turf soccer field. We started the project by meeting with our client to discuss their vision and then brought their dreams to life through our design process. Once our client approved the design, we constructed the project with diligence and attention to detail. Keep reading to learn more about this phenomenal backyard pool project!

The Initial Landscaping Project Meeting

Retaining wall built out for a soccer field in backyard in Omaha, NE.

During the initial meeting with the homeowner, we walked the property to assess the site conditions and discuss the parameters of their pool project. We discussed where the pool would be located as well as the features that would surround the pool, which included a retaining wall, fireplace, raised planter bed with water feature, concrete pool decking, and landscaping.

A lower soccer field for the client's children was also added during a secondary phase one year after the pool was installed. While meeting with this client, we gathered site information in order to prepare a plan that showcased the project and met the client's needs. Once the plan was in place, we provided an accurate estimate for the client to review.

The Landscaping Project Design Process

Water feature columns installed in a backyard in Omaha, NE.

Once the backyard landscaping project plan was completed, we met with the client again to discuss the completed plans and review any necessary changes or tweaks to the project based on the client’s preferences. After the layout was set in stone, we began the process of choosing the materials to be used. When creating the plan, we have recommendations listed to show clients in our showroom. This way, clients and their families can see the products in person so they can effectively choose the products they prefer. Once the design process was completed, the construction process began. For this project, we used the following products.

  • Retaining Wall: Highland Stone Three Piece Block
  • Fireplace: Belgard Elements Bordeaux Series
  • Water Feature: Basalt Columns

Our team at UPL Inc possesses distinguished educational credentials and numerous certifications in landscape design and construction.

The Landscaping Project Construction Process

Retaining wall across the whole lawn for a soccer turf in backyard in Omaha, NE.

The first step of the construction process was to strip the sod and haul this material off-site to be disposed of. We then cut the grade to level the yard for the pool. After the yard was leveled, we installed a retaining wall to hold the grade of the upper yard. The fireplace was built into the wall; conduits and a gas line were installed for the fireplace as the wall was built. After this was completed, we allowed time for the pool to be constructed and the concrete pool deck to be poured. The planter with the basalt column water feature was installed next. The landscape beds and plants were installed with a thick layer of mulch. Lastly, the site was graded and sodded to repair all of the damaged areas from the construction process.

A year later, we had the opportunity to work with this client again on a soccer field in their lower yard. The field was raised from the original grade and had a small freestanding wall on each end to kick a soccer ball against. The field was made of artificial turf, and we installed a drainage system to accommodate the flow of water around the new field.

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