A Natural Pesticide

Many people are looking to garden experts for help yet again this season as we incur another round of infestations of Japanese Beetles. These annoying pests are found on herbs, houseplants, flowers, shrubs and trees. Unlike other options on the market today, Neem Oil is a natural pesticide without the instant bug killer affect. Its extracted from the leaves and bark of tropical evergreen trees and is used for a variety of purposes. Due to the natural ingredients, this product is safe to spray around birds and mammals.

Effects on Japanese Beetles

When used as a preventative for Japanese Beetles, once the product is sprayed on the top and bottom of the leaf, it secretes a slippery coat on the leaves of your plant material ensuring that it’s so slippery the bugs aren’t able to grasp a hold. If digested by an insect, the feeding cycle and development of the insect will also be disrupted, eventually killing it. The product works as both a preventative and bug-killer, although it is not an instantaneous poison insecticide, it includes the benefit of safety to most plant materials found in your landscape.

Contrary to other bug-killers on the market, Neem Oil does not require installation during a certain temperature, which is always an issue we face during the uncontrollable Nebraska seasons. This product can even be used as a dormant-season application to kill over-winter pests.

Anti-Fungal Properties

In addition, Neem Oil also contains anti-fungal properties that lead to disease prevention of rust, Powdery Mildew, Leaf Spot, Black Spot found on Roses and other diseases commonly found on plants in Nebraska.

Not only does this product work as an insecticide to effectively control against Japanese Beetles, but it also works on Whiteflies, Bagworms, Fruit Flies, Caterpillars, Mites, Scales and more. Neem Oil can be effective towards controlling 200 species of insects!

Natural and Safe

If you are looking for an instant insect killing pesticide, Neem Oil is not what you should look for at your local garden shops, however due to its organic and preventative features for plant materials and mammals, its an option worth considering when caring for your garden materials this season. Neem Oil is a “gentle” insecticide that is safe on roses, flowers, houseplants, ornamental trees, fruits and vegetables grown in and around the home. For further information or to learn more about Neem Oil, check out this blog post detailing the facts and benefits of this product.