Water & Fire Features

Fire Features:  gas, wood, tiki torches, fire bowls and more!

Water Features: bubbling boulders, waterfalls, ponds, fountains, rain gardens

Pool Design & Installation

Custom landscape designs to fit your unique needs and project coordination of all contractors involved to give you peace of mind every step of the way

Landscape Management

Your landscape is an investment and we will treat it as such with quality care and attention to detail for every season.

Patios & Walkways

Our professional installers and designers are trained and certified in industry best practices according to ICPI standards which ensures a quality product for years to come

Seasonal Color & Gardens

The perfect landscape will have a variety of elements to give you a timeless look all four seasons

Walls, Steps, Outdoor Kitchens

The team at UPL will help you flush out the details to add definition to your space with unique elements in the form of walls or steps

Water & Fire Features

An Oasis in your own Backyard

Your home is your sanctuary. Add a serene and a tranquil element to help you unwind and reflect after a long day of work or running around with the kids. When designed with careful consideration by an Urban Prairie landscaping professional, water features take your outdoor space to the next level. The combination of water’s sound, movement, and reflective qualities are what bring out the “oohs” and “ahhs” from all who visit your home. The design possibilities for water features are truly infinite. Our designers know how to create a water feature that fits into your landscape organically.
The expert design team at Urban Prairie Landesign will make a splash by incorporating a variety of rock, stone, and plants to add an extra dimension to your outdoor living space only found with water.




Rain Gardens

Add Ambience to any Outdoor Space

Do you have limited outdoor space? We will create a water feature within a container that is perfect for your patio or deck. Our maintenance department also offers the ongoing care of water features. Our water feature maintenance services include start-up and shut-down of systems, general clean-up of the system in the spring, and ongoing maintenance and water treatments to keep your water feature looking beautiful all season.

At Urban Prairie Landesign, we are dedicated to green design. When planning your water feature or any outdoor space, we pay close attention to water and energy conservation.

Pool Design and Installation

A Backyard Oasis

Urban Prairie Landesign will turn your outdoor space into a backyard oasis with custom-designed pools that are designed to fit your lifestyle. Imagine coming home to a backyard transformed into a pool and spa surrounded by a natural stone deck with a cabana, outdoor kitchen, matching fire pit and landscape lighting to accent all of the features of your oasis. Our team of professionals partner with industry-leading contractors to make your dreams a reality.

Landscape Management

Help your Landscape Prosper

The initial installation of your landscape is only the first step in the process of developing a stunning design. A landscape is an investment that grows over time. With our expert design team and a little elbow grease on our behalf, the captivating living space you desire is at your fingertips.
When you are a part of our landscape maintenance program, we provide regularly-scheduled maintenance visits by certified landscape horticulture professionals. Whether it’s tree care, shrub pruning, landscape bed maintenance, management of your irrigation system, or designing and installing seasonal color displays, we handle everything.

A well-designed landscape is gradually developed over an extended period of time through proper management. We will care for your trees and plants plus make additions as needed.

  • Spring and Fall clean ups
  • Re-cutting bed edges
  • Fertilizer and pre-emergents
  • Top-dress with fresh mulch
  • Thinning and pruning of landscapes planings
  • Checking landscape plantings for insect and diseases
  • Monitoring soil moisture
  • Monthly and weekly planting service available
  • Cut back/dead head roses and perennials
  • Annual flower instructions for containers and beds
  • Removal of leaves and debris from planting beds and lawns
  • Wash down exterior of the house, sidewalks, patios, and driveways

Leave it to the Professionals

Your free time should be exactly that – free time. Urban Prairie Landesign offers comprehensive, customized landscape maintenance and management to fit your lifestyle.

Patios & Walkways

Get More Out of Your Living Space

You will love working with a design team that is dedicated to listening to you to identify your landscape style. We can provide practical and creative design solutions for any aspect of your outdoor living space. We utilize color, shape, and texture to develop an eye-popping landscape that is unforgettable all four seasons. Our team of professionals will help guide you in the selection of trees, shrubs, perennials, grasses, groundcovers, and annuals to add color and style to your landscape.

Creating Outdoor Rooms to Include:

The uses and features of outdoor rooms are limited only by the imagination. An outdoor room can be as simple as an arbor with a swing nestled in the landscape of your backyard or it can be a grand as a beautifully landscaped veranda. We can provide practical and creative design solutions for any aspect of your outdoor living space.

  • Concrete Pavers
  • Paths and Walkways
  • Patios
  • Pool Decking
  • Entry ways
  • Driveways
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Themed outdoor rooms

Seasonal Color & Gardens

Outdoor Living That Reflects Your Style

In the world of landscape design, color is represented as an accessory or decor to attribute to your landscape theme. Color is what sets the mood, determines the style and guides the character that is portrayed through your landscape scene. Through the manipulation of color in your gardens, landscape beds, or container design, your story and lifestyle is reflected in your outdoor living spaces.

Four Seasons of Color

Nothing says “Welcome” to your friends and family more than a beautiful planting of seasonal color, in a well-placed container. These beautiful containers can greet you at the front door, adding a splash of color and creating a focal point on your patio or deck. They can be changed out for all four seasons of the year. Let us help you find a container and a combination of plants for your season of color and be the envy of your neighborhood!  

Design of Structure

Consideration of growing conditions

Contrast of texture and foliage

Creation of energy with bold color

Beautiful Spring Bulbs for your Yard

Planting spring flowering bulbs in the Fall is a great way to start anticipating the next spring season ahead. Depending on the selection of spring bulbs, you can get up to 8 weeks of spring color with our professional help in selection and planting!

Spring & Summer Annual Installations

Add a pop of color in your landscape with vibrant hues of spring or summer container or bedding annuals. Nothing says welcome to your friends, family and visitors like a beautiful planting of seasonal color in a well placed container. Let our designers help you customize your landscape focal points with four seasons of color!

Walls, Steps, Outdoor Kitchens

Adding Definition to your landscape

The key to designing and installing quality outdoor spaces that feature retaining walls, steps, or outdoor kitchens is optimizing the exterior space to provide functionality and coordination of the homeowner’s style. Each wall or outdoor kitchen takes on a theme of its own. The professional team at Urban Prairie Landesign will flush out the details to ensure your home’s curb appeal is one that impresses and stands the test of time.

Adding Definition to your landscape:

Your landscape is a continuation of the story your home tells. When installing retaining walls or steps, it’s important to select that right type of material to match your landscape theme. We offer a wide variety of options in natural stone, decorative wall blocks, tie walls, and boulder walls.


Installing a retaining wall adds value to your property in a multitude of ways and our team of ICPI-certified installers are ready to replace an existing wall or build a new wall to compliment your landscape style and use of space.


Retaining walls have more benefits than many people realize. Not only do they add a beautiful new aesthetic dimension to your backyard, but they also solve drainage issues, prevent erosion, lower maintenance and landscaping demands, level out steep-sloping yards, and add in-bound seating around fire features.

A Gourmet Retreat

An outdoor kitchen is an extension of your home for the person looking to enhance their outdoor living space. The design team at Urban Prairie Landesign will create a custom-built design to personalize your gourmet retreat and create a cooking space you will enjoy for years to come.


UPL specializes in custom drainage solutions that include buried drainspouts/gutters, foundation soil work, area drains for pooling water, channel drains, french drains, patio repair, catch basins, rain gardens, dry creek beds, & drywells.