Bloom Boost

You may all remember sitting in science class as a kid and asking yourself when you would ever need to know the parts of a flower.  Some students, like those at UPL, went on to careers that actually use it.  We throw around fancy words like anther, sepal and photosynthesis in our work circles as if we have developed our own language.  However, groups of plant nerds don’t just sit around and study this stuff for their own amusement.  The purpose is to expand the individual gardener’s knowledge so that they can become closer to being a plant nerd too.  Everyone should enjoy the beauty of nature.

So what can help you enjoy the beauty of nature on your property?  There is an underutilized product on the market called Blooming & Rooting Soluble Plant Food.  It’s by a company called Ferti-lome.  In garden center circles it’s referred to as “bloom booster”.  Why?  Because applying this fertilizer will make your flowering plants prolific.  This concentrated plant food is easy to use.  Mix one teaspoon to one gallon of water in most applications.  It is designed to be adaptable as it is used as a soil application, for foliage feeding or as a rooting solution.  The formula of this soluble plant food can be used on pansies, tomatoes, roses, orchids, and ALL blooming and fruit-bearing plants.  Always read and follow label directions for the specific plants you are using it for.

So why is this product so special?  What is the secret ingredient? You should probably have small children leave the room because we are actually going to tell you.  The secret is…wait for it…phosphorus.  Yes, one more of those fancy plant nerd words.  Forms of this element are used for making fireworks.  And before we start making classic dad jokes, like this fertilizer will make your flowers “the bomb”, you have probably seen phosphorous mentioned as the second number on a fertilizer bag.  It is essential for root development and, you guessed it, improved flower formation.  Our designers have personally used this product in the past and recommend it highly. 

Urban Prairie is offering ‘bloom booster’ this year.  Its primary use will be in containers or annual bedding plant installations.  Ask us about this product and how we can incorporate it into use at your home this season.  Even though the groundhog lied, spring will eventually come.  When it does, we look forward to working with you!

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