When our clients in Ashland, NE reached out to us, they were looking for a way to enhance the curb appeal of their property while also creating a relaxing environment. After speaking with them, we decided that adding a water feature to their property was the perfect way to accomplish both of their goals. To help them get an idea of how their new water feature would look on their property once it was installed, we created a design rendering for them. After they approved the design, we moved forward with the project by prepping the area and then installing their water feature. To make their new feature stand out even more, we surrounded it with beautiful plants and mulch. Continue reading to learn more about this project!

The first step of this project was to meet with our clients for a consultation.

Water feature installed for landscape bed in Ashland, NE.

After our clients initially reached out to us, we set up a time to meet with them for a consultation. We wanted to gain an understanding of exactly what they were looking for. After chatting with them, we learned that they wanted an eye-catching water feature in their front yard, complete with a beautiful rock border. Our team created a design rendering for them so that they could get an idea of how the final project would turn out before we began the installation process. Once they approved the design, it was time to get to work and install their new water feature.

Design renderings are available in 2D and 3D options.

We prepped the area and then installed their new water feature.

Moving water from water feature installed in Ashland, NE.

Once our clients approved the design of their new water feature, it was time to get to work installing it. First, we had to prep the area where the water feature would be installed. We removed the existing grass where the feature was to be installed so that we had a good base to work with. Then, we built the main part of their water feature by installing large stones that ran downward to imitate the look of a natural stream. After that, we surrounded the water feature with rocks of different colors and sizes to really bring out its beauty. And lastly, we connected the water supply so that water would constantly circulate and give the appearance of a running stream.

We surrounded their water feature with plants and mulch to enhance its beauty even further!

Plantings installed around water feature project in Ashland, NE.

Once their water feature was installed, we added some finishing touches to it to really make their new feature stand out. We surrounded their new water feature with beautiful plants that our clients selected and then we covered all of the plants with brown mulch. This mulch created a border around their feature that separated their lawn from the water feature and really made the feature "pop." When this project was finished, our clients were absolutely thrilled with the way that everything turned out and they love how their curb appeal skyrocketed and that they can now enjoy listening to the soothing sound of running water right in their own front yard!

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